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ok i’ve already snapchatted this to a couple of people but in case anyone else hasn’t seen this and is interested, behold, ‘la saga vorkosigan’, an actual real-life comic book adaptation of ... well, you can guess of what.

featuring: a decent miles, actually.

beardy gregor!

an aral who looks a liiiittle like wolverine and has a great uniform (and a bit of kou)

and an ivan with v good swooshy hair! this ivan seems significantly more adorable and less foot-in-mouth than i remember ivan being at this stage.

(miles, please)

........this comic also features needlessly-sexy-elena, because, uh, why else would you have a woman in a comic, i guess. here we see my favourite iteration, vampire goth elena, who i like to think of as Elena Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way. (not pictured, high-heeled knee-length black boots)

ivan continues to be adorable, and tries to hide in miles's bathroom from his mother.

i think miles looks maybe a little young, but i guess he is only 17. anyway he’s cute in these panels:

cordelia suggests that miles take elena to beta colony. note their expressions. she knows what she's doing.

aral and cordelia being cute! personally i think cordelia ought to be taller (in the next panel it shows she's wearing heels and is still shorter than aral) but, eh.

bothari on beta colony. ooowooo indeed.

arde mayhew, looking a little more decrepit and grimier than i expected. also, nice tattoo! we see it again a bit later on and i think it's a cephalopod of some sort? octopus?

miles having an Idea. not an important panel, just very miles. i talk some shit about this artist but i do like his version of miles.

baz! both baz and arde look a bit like they ought to be in an action/post-apoc movie, i think.

the return of needlessly sexy elena! elena, what is THAT.

arde looking a bit cleaner but also a lot older (and another pretty good miles)

carle daum looking suspiciously pale

ah yes, hasn't it been a while since elena got her tits out? here she is in a dream sequence jumping into bed with miles. i don't remember this bit in the book, though that doesn't necessarily mean it didn't happen. (good to know there were briefs under that weird transparent nightie though, i guess.)


it's the ariel! (looking good babe)

and introducing one of my faves, CYBORG AUSON. idk why he has a robotic eye in this. maybe just so you know he's not very nice.

arde sympathising with miles getting kicked? there's the tattoo again.

get rekt, cyborg auson

and here is auson's pilot, who has green hair. cool. i'm including this because it occurs to me that this is a terrible pun for an oseran to make.

and the volume ends with the gang about to board the ariel. for some reason the series was cancelled after this. wonder why. (yes, this means that this comic wins the 'no bel' prize. har har. probably for the best.)

Date: 2016-08-12 03:30 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] extrapenguin
Who is that blond dude and what did he do to dark-haired Gregor?

And what did they do to Bothari's character. No way he'd have let Elena wear anything like that in canon.


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